Monday, July 30, 2012

Introduction to Let's Get Lost
By Pam Brown, Ken Bolton and Laurie Duggan

(Vagabond Press Stray Dog Editions, Sydney, 2005)

Let's Get Lost is comprised of poems exchanged between Pam Brown, Ken Bolton and Laurie Duggan. Friends for many years and liable to exchange poems and emails at any time, they have been in different cities for a good while-but these poems are the result of Pam Brown's being six months in Rome-in the same studio Bolton had occupied three years before. Sydney poet Brown discovers Rome, Bolton (in Adelaide) remembers it and imagines her there-and Laurie Duggan chimes in from Brisbane.

The result is an agenda-less mulling over places, culture and cultures-often in shorthand, casual, yet sometimes intensely specific-and funny, memorable and accurate.

In the intervals between the poems here others not included were written-and letters. Some of Brown's poems respond in part to poems from Adelaide mentioning artist Bill Henson, Stendhal and psychology, and other things. Laurie Duggan's poem, attempting among other things to 'synchronize watches', places the three in their likely surroundings: he on the couch, Brown in a villa, Bolton in Adelaide's Hindley Street. Triangulation.

                                Fran Daddo.

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