Monday, May 25, 2009

Funk descending
      for Eileen Myles

a wobbly
new world declaration,

I've ordered fireworks
& methode champenoise,

my soubrette's
been crossed out !

(the mini-series's set
in an insurance agency)

like grumpy
Jurgen Habermas,
I feel a funk

I miss whisky too,

on Ritalin,
banished by
Ma Po's tofu's
in the museum
I stand before
an activity station
& make a wish -
hexed by
an unexpected
power surge
we were all
brought up on
"I Love Lucy"
wherever we lived,
new worldlies.
every gym buddy
produces a steroid rage
when the strategic plan
becomes the mission statement -
    Our values
    Our vision
    Our mission
in a parallel universe
I've ordered a thought burger

Not the town

as in a colonial outpost
local do-good cablers
on pass-the-microphone-tv
make Rimbaud's
'oxidise the gargoyles'
sound like the butler
in the 'Red Dwarf' -
not the town,
the walls, are painted red
for years & years
the households suffer
bloated ill-temperament,
the way personal crises
can continue in an
underlying manner -
the reminder is
'don't ignore the abject.'
that reminds me -
these parliamentary candidates
are those Baudrillard
would call
      'a conjuration'
      of imbeciles' -
chaotic music backgrounds
their flaggy luncheons,
their floral tributes
deny any opposition,
their militaristic hobbies -
fokkerschmidt submachine
diesel boot the bottom line.
scanning the windows
of Cash Converters
for stolen cell phones,
the ground trembles
as traffic exits the shopping
complex parking station,
in fuck-the-reader-Timezone
the premature ejaculators,
their fingers on the game,
hoot for joy every time
they destroy another animation.

No Junk Mail Except For Pizza Things

says the sign on the letter box across the road
straggly flowers trailing cellophane & fading ribbon
stuck skew-whiff to the telegraph pole - planets
fade like fading planets, a sickly hue smears the sky,
this day a cool-to-mild one.

20th century

When the couch became a sofa
we sat down in front of pay-TV
& replaced our 'hmmm' with 'wow' -
It's all just clothes, makeup and hair.
And as we were the tootlers,
we tootled along to the popular
anytime anyplace big brown & orange
inflatable bouncy castle to contest
the awards for untrammelled enthusiasm.

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