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Reviews of Pam Brown's Books

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Eva PhillipsPlumwood Mountain  December, 2023
Christopher BrownCordite Poetry Review  10th October, 2023
Jonathan ShawMe fail? I fly!  31st August, 2022
Chris ArnoldAustralian Book Review  May, 2022 No 442
rob mclennan,  rob mclennan's blog   February 18, 2022
Toby Fitch, Avant Gaga #51, Sappho's, Glebe, Sydney, 14th December 2021
Toby Fitch, Meanjin, Spring, 2022

rob mclennan,  rob mclennan's blog   July 12, 2021
Jane Joritz-Nakagawa,  The Argotist Online  2021
Abigail Fisher,  Australian Book Review  January-February, 2022 No 439

Caitlin Maling,  Plumwood Mountain  Vol 6, No 2, December, 2019
Jonno Revanche,  Rabbit  No 28, October, 2019
Michael Farrell,  Sydney Review of Books  November, 2018
Tim Wright,  Australian Book Review  No 403, August, 2018
Liam Ferney,  Cordite Poetry Review   August, 2018
Andrew Burke,  Southerly Journal, Long Paddock   November, 2018

Sally Evans,   Rabbit 24  May, 2018
Anne Stuart,   Plumwood Mountain  Vol 4 No 2, 2017
Janet Newman,   Poetry New Zealand Yearbook 3  March, 2017
Nathaniel PreeCordite Poetry Review  12th January, 2016
Jonathan Shaw  Me fail? I fly!  May, 2016

Anna Gibbs Parkview Hotel, Alexandria, Sydney, 28th April 2013
Jonathan Shaw  Me fail? I fly!   May, 2013
Susan SchultzTinfish Editor's Blog   2nd July, 2013
Gig Ryan,  Australian Book Review   July, 2013
Peter KenneallyThe Australian   10th August, 2013
Justin ClemensCordite Poetry Review   11th August, 2013
A.J. Carruthers Rabbit Poetry  No 10 Spring, 2013
Philip MeadSydney Review of Books   28th January, 2014
John TranterSoutherly Magazine   Vol 73 No 3, 2013
Ynes Sanz,   an extract - The Australian Women's Book Review   26 Nos 1&2, 2014
Michael Farrell,   The Shearsman Review   15th March, 2014
Angela Gardner,   foam:e   Issue 11, March 2014

Justin Clemens  Cordite Poetry Review  21st April, 2013
Liam Ferney,  Rabbit  No.7, 2013

Jal Nicholls,  Rochford St Review   5th November, 2012

Carl Harrison-Ford,  Hat Hill Gallery, Blackheath   20th September, 2008
Tim Wright swim/swam    December, 2008
Jennifer Strauss,  Australian Book Review    June, 2009
Gregory BemRain Taxi,   Spring 2009 (seems incomplete)
Kerry LevesOverland magazine   #197, 2009
Liam Ferney Cordite Poetry Review   28th December 2009
Ralph Wessman Famous Reporter    #40 December 2009
Ken Bolton Southerly Magazine   Vol 69, #3, 2009
Tim Wright,  Mascara Literary Review,   Issue7, May 2010
Astrid Lorange 'Vigilant under fluoro'   4th September, 2011
Chad Sweeney Jacket2   27th November 2012

Les WicksFamous Reporter    #42, February 2011
Heather Taylor JohnsonMascara Literary Review   #10, April 2012

David McCooey,  Australian Book Review    June/July 2003
Brian Henry,  Jacket    23, August 2003
Steve Evans,   Salt 2003
Naomi White,  Verse   December, 2004
Lyn McCredden,   Australian Literary Studies    Vol 22, No 2, 2005

Brian Henry,  The Republic of Sprawl   1999

Steve Evans,   Arras   November, 2001
Susan M. Schultz,   HEAT magazine  No 8, 1998
Heather Cam,  Sydney Morning Herald,   31st January 1998

Kevin Brophy,   Australian Book Review    No 159, April, 1994

Cath Kenneally,   Australian Book Review    1991

Jan McKemmish,   Australian Book Review    No 99, April 1988
David Kelly,   Muse News    April 1988
Linda Marie Walker,   Otis Rush    No 2, February 1988
Rosemary Sorensen & Jenna Mead,   Age Monthly Review    1990

Bruce Beaver,   The Australian   September, 1984
Judith Rodriguez,   Sydney Morning Herald    1st September, 1984

Moya Costello,   Womanspeak    1979

Reviews of other publications -

Ron Silliman on Amnesiac recoveries by Pam Brown & Susan Schultz, 2003

Stephen Lawrence on 51 Contemporary Australian Poets, edited by Pam Brown, Jacket2, January 2012

Ann Vickery, Ghostly Sisters - on feminist collaborations, Axon, issue 10, May 2016

Lyn McCredden, Pam Brown's Ghostly Signature: Half here/Half gone - Feeding the Ghost - Criticism on Contemporary Australian Poetry, (Puncher & Wattmann), 2018

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